Sunday~ Heaven's Hell Day~

Photoshoot- oh yes!!! My day started at @ 8:30am with preparing things for the photoshoot. Tee and our model- Tara C got to my house at @ 11am for hair and makeup. At 1pm we were heading out the door on our way to the studio for the photoshoot!!!
We started with the back cover shoot, I mean Tara killed it, after about 20-30 takes we knew that we had the perfect pic!
On to that FRONT COVER, oh yeah I wish that I could give a sneak peak of the pictures but I can't!!!! ;-( It is soo razor. Man, I can't wait for the supporters- urban fiction readers to see that cover, I mean I want you to read it and love it as well but man- I can't wait to post that cover.
Coming Soon Heaven's Hell- An Urban Fairytale... This will be available at amazon.com, heaveninc@live.com, and local bookstores in Jan 2010.

Weekend Re~Cap!!! Some Good and some BaD!!;-)

The weekend the weekend, oh boy the weekend. Alright well Takerra was supposed to do a signing at Makeda's in NB. But when we arrived the manager and promoter hadn't communicated because we were all confused. So after some frustration/aggravation we said f*ck it, went to Hotoke had a drink, chilled with some of the supporters { oh yeah the supporters emailed me while we were out and I let them know where they could meet us at Hotoke and get a signed copy of thicker than water}, and just enjoyed ourselves.
... Saturday was a run around day. Takerra and I went out to Newark, Jersey City, and Elizabeth... we dropped off some books for the local bookstores. Overall this day was a great day... Before I forget, we also had a little {in size not spirit} supporter KAMANI!!! Yes, my baby girl came out with us and once inside the bookstores she got her promoting on, Hey you want to buy a book, it's only $10!!! I love it! Later on that night we checked out Precious and that was a good movie, not sure why it gets the mixed reviews, but I enjoyed it...
... I have to give Sunday it's entire post....


Makeda's Book Signing 11/20/09 6-10pm

Hello Faithful Blog Readers,

Alright so tonight Ms.Allen will be home, New Brunswick, NJ!!!

Come out tonight between 6-10pm, enjoy drinks and pick up a copy of Thicker Than Water!

Takerra will be signing copies of her new hot novel so be sure to pick that up...

Thanks to LoKey Entertainment- thanks Karim :-)


338 George St.New Brunswick, NJ 08901



Harlem Baby!!!- Spanish Harlem

Ok so Takerra went to a book signing yesterday in Nueva York!!!!

It all started off with the horrible train ride. After being semi frustrated with taking the trains and being pushed around with her big 'ol bag with the books, she finally found the right subways to take and yay she didn't end up in Queens. lol... She was at 116th & Lexington finally at about 12:30pm- Spanish Harlem baby!. Thanks to Maria & Sexy for looking out for us. I arrived later on about 3pm and we sold about 30 books!!! Yay for us. Tee is so excited about the response and love she received yesterday in Harlem- so this post was mainly to big up Harlem and Sexy & Maria- Thanks Ladies!!!!



Who's Got Next... Takerra's Got Next 11/5/09‏

Who’s Got Next….
…Takerra’s Got Next
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718 508 9827
Call to support, ask questions
Takerra will be interviewed @ her debut novel Thicker Than Water!!

Sandra N Mobley
Heaven Inc/ Angelic Script Publishing
For signings, bookings, questions, or comments please email: heaveninc@live.com
Snippet of Takerra's Novels: http://takerra.blogspot.com/
Thicker Than Water available @ amazon.com