Takerra answers questions for Czech Republic fans of Tupac!

1. How are you Takerra? Do you plan to release even more books?
Good Morning! I am well. Thank you. I do plan to release more books in the future. I write fiction novels so it is very fun for me and something that I love to do. I will hopefully write forever!
2. How’s dad, Mr. Garland? And you’re somehow in touch with Ms. Afeni Shakur?
My dad is well, thank you. He keeps a low profile but is living a happy and healthy life. I do not have any contact with Ms. Shakur, unfortunately I have never had the pleasure of meeting her.
3. Do you think his death planned? Do you think he could get out after years in public and show up? How would it look to people?
I do not think that Tupac’s death was planned, no. I feel that he had too much of a message to his life, he was already racing against time and he affected people and had so much to do. I don’t think he would waste a minute of it by faking his death. He was not like that. I think people would love that though.
4. What do you think about Tupac pointed out in his videos that may soon die?
I think it is very extraordinary that Tupac felt he was going to live a short life. I believe in some sense he was blessed and cursed with that sense. I believe if we all tune into ourselves, we can probably feel things that are there as well. The way he spoke about death in his music will always mystify me.
5. You do not know what it looks like the film? Who have rotated through Tupac?
Unfortunately I’m not sure about this film you are speaking of but that sounds interesting.
6. What is your favorite song by Tupac and why?
White Man’s World is my favorite song by Tupac. I have many but that one touches me for reasons unknown. I write to it, I cry to it, I smile to it, I sleep to it.
7. What do you think Tupac would say current rappers? Souljah Boy, Lil Wayne. Do not think today’s rap is all about commerce?
I think rap would be very different if Tupac was here to say anything about it anyway. : ) But I think that he would respect anyone’s genuine love for the art and hustle. I do think rap has taken a turn and is more of a business and that has a good and bad side. But yes, very much so about commerce.
8. What religion professed Tupac?
To my knowledge, one religion was never professed. I think that he was very knowledgeable of many religions and pulled values and beliefs from many – but that is a question unfortunately I cannot answer best. He believed in God, wholeheartedly. He was spiritual. I know that much.
9. Where Tupac took inspiration for the luxury of rap?
Tupac I believe was inspired by the arts. He went to school for the arts, he was very into poetry and plays, he loved William Shakespeare. I believe people talented in the field of arts are able to easily transfer into different aspects of the field. Going on the road with Digital Underground and being exposed to the hip hop culture I’m sure has some cause to spark his interest in it.
10. Have you seen (and if yes) and what do you think about the videos on the Internet with the name, TUPAC ALIVE, where are the people who look like Tupac?
I have seen some of those videos and I have had a few people reach out to me who are influenced by Tupac, who look like him, there’s even one guy who goes on tour and everything. I think it’s amazing that after all of this time he still inspires people like that. People can say it’s 2012 and I don’t care, I’m going to wear a bandana on my head because I’m that devoted. He had the most loyal fans.
11. Why do you think it was never solved the case of the night in Times Square in ’94, according to why the never found the murderer of Tupac and why they cannot find Biggie’s killer?
To my knowledge I believe something peaked before about someone admitting to being involved in the ’94 shooting, but in all honesty, those cases were never solved because no one cares enough to solve them. The few that did hit a very solid, dangerous, threatening brick wall I believe. You start looking into something that’s meant to be covered up by very powerful people and you can end up in a maze. Or worse.
12. Do you think Tupac had lived now, that would do the same style of songs as before (called Thug songs)?
I think Pac would have always spoken for the oppressed, no matter how much he grew. Of course he would have evolved, he would have been so huge and mega, he could have branched into so much, politics, who knows! But he would always represent where he came from and what inspired him, the unspoken, the oppressed, the “thugs”.
13. What were you for days after the death of Tupac and what experiencing? Do you not ever thought about Tupac?
Days after Tupac’s death I was confused and saddened, I remember talking to my dad a lot about what was happening. I was also in seventh grade and getting teased and laughed at and many cruel things were said to me because the kids had already known that was my brother, and kids can be mean. I always think about Tupac. Sometimes it blows my mind. Out of the all the rappers or people period to share blood with, I have the blood of the best. It’s such an honor and it’s also devastation because I wish he was here so much. He also inspires me greatly. He did more in his 25 years than most people do in a lifetime.
14. Would you like Tupac’s creation, if you know it’s not your brother?
Yes, absolutely. I have not met one person who didn’t at least appreciate Pac or anyone who can deny his talent or influence or genius. I would absolutely still be as fascinated as I am with him now.

Thank you so much for having me! I appreciate the love and respect you have for my brother and I know that he would appreciate and love you. Thank you for being loyal fans! It was a pleasure! - Takerra


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Tupac’s Sister, Takerra Allen, Shares Stories of Her Brother

Tupac’s sister, Takerra Allen, shares tales of her first and only phone conversation with her half brother Tupac Shakur and the memories she holds dear of her famous sibling…

A day doesn’t go by that Takerra Allen doesn’t think about her deceased brother, Tupac Shakur.

Allen, a budding author and Tupac’s younger half-sister who shares the same father (Billy Garland) as the rap legend, says every day, especially major holiday and family get together, is full of memories of ’Pac. Unfortunately, the New Jersey native never got a chance to meet her famous older half-brother, only holding onto recollections from one short conversation she had with ’Pac when he was incarcerated in Upstate New York in 1995, when she was only a child.

Here, Allen tells XXL about family resemblances to Tupac, how her first impression of him was through the movie Juice and writing her books. - Mark Lelinwalla

XXL: How do you think September 13, the 15th anniversary of Tupac’s passing, will be for your family?

Takerra Allen: It’s always bittersweet. It’s always good when I go on the Internet, radio, Facebook and people are playing his music and they’re talking about him every time his birthday or anniversary comes around. That’s the sweet part, but it’s also a deep thing knowing he’s gone and not coming back and knowing there hasn’t been no real closure to what happened to him. Every year that passes, it hurts my family a little more. We wish there would be some kind of justice, but it’s good to know that people still remember him and love him.

Your dad looks exactly like Tupac. Are there strong resemblances throughout the rest of the family?

My dad has strong genes. Sometimes we have family cookouts and we’re looking at my brother and it’s like seeing him. I flip out sometimes because if Tupac could have been here and seen my whole family, he would have flipped out to see how everyone looks just like him. It’s crazy.

How much is Tupac brought up when the family is together?

Oh, all the time. On our Fourth of July cookout, we played nothing but Tupac music. My dad was telling stories about him. We have a cousin that shares the same birthday (as Tupac), so we celebrate both their birthdays. This past June 16, our uncle passed on that day and it was such a raw, emotional day. It was crazy.

What do the rest of your siblings do?

My brother Landon is in Florida. I believe he works a very regular job with the cable. My brother Malik is an electrician. He’s in Jersey. My brother Billy is in Florida as well. He actually was incarcerated, but got out recently. He went to school to be a dental technician, I believe. My sister N’Neka, she lives in California. She’s my older sister. She actually looks like Tupac a lot and works for ABC, one of the soap operas. My brother Billy, he’s a spitting image (of Tupac) and his personality. Landon is also a spitting image, but you got to give it to Billy because of his mannerisms and everything. It’s crazy sometimes being around him.

So, you were one of how many children on your dad’s side?

My dad has six, so one of six. Three had the same mother and Tupac had his mom and my other brother had his mom. My dad always kept us close. He always made sure that everyone stayed like family and we all grew up knowing each other.

What was the age difference between Tupac and yourself?

In ’96 when he passed, he was 25 and I was 12, so we were 13 years apart.

How did you even first learn that Tupac was your brother?

It was actually when Juice came out back then. They had the advertisement for the movie in the newspaper and my dad came to me and my little brother and said, ‘I have to tell you guys something. This guy right here is your brother.’ He took us to see the movie and he was Bishop, so I was a little scared. Of course I thought he was young and wild and a little intimidating, but even being so young, I remember thinking he stole the show with so much charisma. I remember being glued to him and I don’t know if that’s because I knew he’s my brother. I remember focusing on him and not taking my eyes off him. He was that movie. It was spellbinding to watch him in that. I looked over at my dad and he was crying at the end. I guess it just touched him just seeing what he accomplished and then not seeing him in so long. Now that I’m older, I can watch and see so much talent in that movie, but back then, I was like, ‘He’s crazy!’ I was probably eight or nine years old in that movie.

What a way to be introduced to somebody!

(Laughs) A good thing about my dad is he never hid anything. He sat us down and told us the real deal about everything that happened and losing touch with Tupac and his mother. From my understanding, it took my dad a long time to track Afeni down and he wasn’t able to find him. One day he knew where they were and the next he didn’t. He grew up thinking someone else was his father.

Take me from that point on.

From that point on…forgive me, it’s blurry because I was young. But I remember every day after (watching Juice) we were playing his music. I knew all his songs. I was so touched by “Brenda’s Got a Baby.” I made my dad talk to me about certain things because of Tupac’s music. I remember my father telling me we were going to meet him one day and telling me about when he was younger and taking him to the movies. We watched his videos and interviews. I got in touch with him the same way most of the world did – through his art. I don’t think for me personally that the contact came until my dad started visiting him Upstate New York, when he went to jail. That was ’95 and I was 10 or 11.

How did your contact with him start?

I was in the living room one day and my dad gave me the phone and said, ‘Somebody wants to speak to you.’ I got on the phone with him and I was very shy at first because he was famous and I never spoke to him before. He told me this isn’t the place he wants me to meet him for the first time and that we would have our day to meet. He was just really cool. He was silly and goofy. I told him, ‘Daddy told me you cheated in Monopoly and you can’t dance’ and he said, ‘Yo, I ain’t cheat and I could dance!’ I remember telling him that nobody at school believed me that he was my brother. Tupac told me, “One day you’re not going to care what anybody says to you.” He told me to not believe stuff that I read about him. I think that was our only conversation and we had a couple letters that we shared. I also remember him telling me how he saw pictures of the family and we looked a lot like him and he can’t wait to meet us. I definitely hold onto that conversation.

But unfortunately you never met him?

I was supposed to meet him – I remember my dad told me – that we were all going to meet him Thanksgiving of ’96. We were really excited…and then that happened.

Where were you when the news of Pac’s death hit?

I was living with my mom in New Brunswick, New Jersey and my dad was living in Jersey City. When it happened, my dad went to Vegas. I thought it would be like the first time that he was shot. I thought it would be fine and we’re still going to meet him Thanksgiving. But I remember Friday the 13th and I was watching the Jason marathon and my dad called me. I just knew by his voice what had happened. I couldn’t believe it. That brief conversation and moment I had with him, that was going to be it.

How did you get into writing?

I started my first book when I was 17. It wasn’t meant to be a book. It was more of a personal thing that turned into a book. It’s funny because I recently wrote a couple chapters to a White Man’s World and said to myself that, ‘This song is touching so many people in such a short amount of time,’ and what I’d do is challenge myself to write like that. I challenge myself to get as deep as him.



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