Friend or Foe 4 Out of 5 Stars By OOSA Online Book Club "O.O.S.A. Gets It Read!"

The divas of Brick City , Newark, Sasha, Tatum, Kim and Nelli are as thick as thieves. Beautiful, sassy and stylish, these lovely ladies can go toe to toe with the best of the elite and get any man their hearts' desire. Friendships and relationships are tested when a slew of uneventful activities come into play that may cause their lives to change forever.

"Thicker Than Water" is very entertaining and will have you on the edge of your seat. The drama was unbelievable and kept me glued to the very end. I was really excited when I read one of the characters with the same name as mine. The ending left me hanging and wanting more, but at the same time thrilled that there will be a part II. Ms. Allen has definitely got the literary game on lock.

Reviewed by: Tange

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4.5 out of 5 books Reviewed by Tazzyt2bossye for Urban-Reviews.com

Meet four friends with diverse lifestyles, personalities, and goals in life. They accept the good, the bad, and the ugly to stand together against all odds. Kim is the vocal one of the four with her ghetto mentality, yet despite the strength she exudes, she has a weakness for a married man. Neli is the weakest link and her insecurities play a major role as she secretly covets the possession of one of the quartet's most precious possessions. Sasha loves her friends as much as the love of her life, Chauncey, who seems to love the drug game more than her. While Tatum is the authentic diva with looks, luxury, confidence, and style, she's missing the love of a good man.
Tatum effortlessly steals the show with her encounter with the unforgettable Respect. Respect is a fascinating character that lures you in with his poetic quips and his sexy dialect; let's not even begin to mention his looks, power, attitude or prowess in sharing his love.
Thicker Than Water is an energetic read focusing on the relationships between four friends and the many ventures that they dare to encounter. Love, life, romance, jealousy, rivalry, deception, betrayal, and loyalty all flourish as the story line expands. This is my first Takerra Allen read, and I highly commend her on taking an age old plot and portraying it in an impressive and superbly written novel. Ms. Allen incorporates suspense and a tad of mystery to make this an even more pleasurable and intriguing tale. With better editing to correct the numerous errors, both spelling and grammatical, I have high hopes for the conclusion of this story line and anxiously await the sequel! Kudos Takerra...Kudos!
Reviewed by Tazzyt2bossye for Urban-Reviews.com

Review Link: http://www.urban-reviews.com/aafiction-nov09.html#takerraallen
Q&A Link: http://www.urban-reviews.com/insideout-takerraallen.html

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Thicker Than Water Now Available at ......

Ok, so Thicker Than Water is now available at several local bookstores as well as amazon.com.

NJ ~

Urban Knowledge 169 Market Street Newark, NJ 973 733 4933

Source of Knowledge Broad St. Newark, NJ 973 824 2556

Patty's Books Broad St. Elizabeth, NJ

Spoiled 360 MLK Jr. Blvd Jersey City, NJ

Rob's Merchandise Ocean Ave. Jersey City, NJ

Jamil's Merchandise Hamilton Street NB, NJ

NY ~

Harlem Book Center 2355 8th Ave/Fredrick Douglass Ny, NY 212 316 1213

Street Vendor- 116th & Lexington

Street Vendor- 125th Between Lenox and 7th Ave

PA ~

Black and Nobel Bookstore 1411 W Erie Ave Philadelphia, PA 215 965 1559

Horizon Books; Gallery Mall 901 Market St. Philadelphia, PA 215 625 7955




Takerra Allen’s Book Signing Dates
Best Seller of Thicker Than Water!!


September 4
Team First Comedy Show
Newark, NJ
7pm- 10pm

September 19
NY Urban League Classic/ Morgan State vs. Winston-Salem State
East Rutherford, NJ

September 27
Talent and Friends Comedy Show
Stress Factory Comedy Club
New Brunswick, NJ
8:30pm- 11:00pm

October 8
Lo Key Entertainment Comedy Show
Hosted by Ed Lover- 105.1
Sayreville, NJ
9pm- 11pm

October 9
Team First Comedy Show
Newark, NJ
7pm- 10pm

November 19
Spanish Harlem Street Vendor
116th & Lexington
Ny, NY

November 29
Hype Hair/ BlackMen Magazine Fashion Show
Newark Marriot Hotel
Newark, NJ

November 29
Talent and Friends Comedy Show
Stress Factory Comedy Club
New Brunswick, NJ
8:30pm- 11:00pm

December 4
360 Martink Luther King Blvd
Jersey City, NJ
3:30pm= 6:30pm

December 5
Harlem Street Vendor
125th Street in front of the GNC/between Lenox and 7th
1pm- 5pm

December 12
Brooklyn Street Vendor
Pitkin & Chester
Brooklyn, NY
1pm- 5pm

December 18
Parthenon Lounge at Synaxis
660 Cookman Ave
Asbury Park, NJ

December 26
Bronx Street Vendor
Bronx Book Man

Bronx, NY
1pm- 5pm

December 27
Talent and Friends Comedy Show/ Capone
Stress Factory Comedy Club
New Brunswick, NJ
6:30pm- 11:00pm


January 9
Team First Comedy Show
Newark, NJ
7pm- 10pm

February 4
Meet and Greet with author Takerra Allen
New Brunswick Free Public Library- Carl T. Valenti Community Room
New Brunswick, NJ
For more information, please contact Laura Szalaj at 732-745-5108, ext. 20 or
lszalaj@lmxac.org http://www.nbfpl.org/events.html

March 20
Meet and Greet with author Takerra Allen
Atlantic City Free Public Library
Atlantic City, NJ


Thicker Than Water Now on Books of Soul


Thicker Than Water has been posted at Books of Soul -- http://booksofsoul.com/2009/12/thicker-than-water-by-takerra-allen/

Check it out and check out their site.

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Thursday, February 4 2010 Meet and Greet

Meet and Greet with author Takerra AllenLocal author and CEO of the urban entertainment company Heaven Inc., Takerra Allen will discuss her debut novel Thicker Than Water and her journey to becoming a published author. Thicker Than Water is the tale of four spitfire vixens hailing from The Bricks, Newark, NJ. The novel had been described as "an urban chick flick waiting to happen" by Kwame Teague, author of the popular urban fiction trilogy Dutch.7 PM in the Carl T. Valenti Community Room.
For more information, please contact Laura Szalaj at 732-745-5108, ext. 20 or lszalaj@lmxac.org
Sandra "Dee-Dee" Mobley 732-889-6061 heaveninc@live.com