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... I just came from looking at amazon sales rank for our two published books, and all I can say is wow....

.. Ok so not only wow, but thank you. Angelic Script Publishing launched in July 2009, BUT we really didn't start getting out there into the field until December 2009, where I started reaching out to bookstores and distributors. Regardless of what some may say, Takerra Allen is such a talented writer, she's a breath of fresh air in this game. She's not just a pretty face, she's mean with that pen. When you mix that, with a lil crazy boriqua/ morena who doesn't really like the word "no", you get what I've just looked at right now... Both of Takerra's novels are selling extremely well!!! It's competing number wise with some of these veteran author's and all I can say is thanks to the many folk who told me "yes" and for giving Takerra's work a chance. Once you read it, it's like crack... your hooked... :-)

Thanks to all of the supporters, readers, book vendors, and anyone who has purchased or spread the word of Ms.Allen's work. Gracias!! ( super cheesing )

signed... dee dee


no turtles please... Pee Only!! ;-)


...In the Paper...

Thanks to Cj for the article.. Check it out...


Thanks!! ;-)

Thanks to all of you who submitted the photos and being interested in being a part of our journey! We have finally finalized the Casting and have selected 3 Beautiful Ladies- Thanks girls!! Our shoot will take place some time early next month. Sooooo excited!!!

I also wanted to take this time out to everyone who continues to visit this site and places orders directly from us! We truly appreciate it.

Sandra "Dee-Dee" Mobley


CALLING ALL MODELS! Urban Fiction Book Covers Casting Call!

CALLING ALL MODELS! Urban Fiction Book Covers Casting Call! We are looking for 3-4 beautiful girls who will be picked by the publishing company for two different book covers. The author has been credited by the Urban Fiction World, previous novels are certified classic!

If interested please respond to this add with one head shot photo and one full body photo. (If possible send more) Along with this send measurements, weight, height, and contact info.
To get an idea of what we are looking for, here is a physical description of each character that we are casting.
Model 1 - deep to dark brown skinned, slim to voluptuous build, preferably long hair (extensions are acceptable).
Model 2 - light to medium brown skinned, slim build, hair length anywhere from chin length and longer.
Model 3 – Hispanic/ very light skinned to appear mixed, petite, slender, or slim build, hair length shoulder length or longer.
Model 4 - light to medium brown skinned, voluptuous curvy figure, preferably long hair (extensions are acceptable)
Please feel free to apply even if you do not fit the exact description, no experience needed. This is a non-paying job however models will be shot with a professional photographer and will receive photos for your personal portfolio. All models chosen will appear on cover {possibly two covers} and will be credited on cover and inside book. Lunch will be served at shoot and all models will receive autographed copy of book. Send emails to heaveninc@live.com.

Good luck and Hope to See You Soon
Thank you in Advance


Summer Summer Summer Time!!!

Alright so the weather's beginning to break { BUT it's not summertime yet } and I'm starting to see lots of people looking for authors to book them for signings. But you see, I've been scheduling Takerra for book signings all year round. We want to get that word out, that there's a new writer in town!!! lol Ok corny- but sooo what. I've booked Takerra thru May 2010 and despite the thought of how exhausted we'll be, that's a great thing!!!

... Heaven's Hell- It's OUT!!!! Officially released to the urban book stores and amazon as well as right here, our blog that your reading now... :-) On behalf of Angelic Script Publishing, I wanted to take this time to thank all of the book stores and readers who have been helping to spread the word of Ms.Takerra Allen and her sophmore novel. It's doing well, we can't complain!!

So in the near future you'll be seeing Takerra at signings along with myself and my #1 supporter- Kamani, my lil angel!!! ;-) You will see us out there pushing these novels.

And I know that I mentioned before that we have a "surprise" in the works, well it still is.... :-( sorry that I can not discuss any further.

If there's a bookstore that you would like to see Takerra at, please send me an email at heaveninc@live.com and I'll see if I can make that happen. ttyl

Parle Magazine

Check out Takerra's new interview:



Takerra's Upcoming Events

Takerra Allen's Upcoming Events

02/19/10Friday01:00 PM
Philadelphia, PA
Black and Nobel Books
Takerra Allen on tour for the book "Thicker Than Water"
& "Heaven's Hell"

02/21/10Sunday07:00 PM
New Brunswick, NJ
The Stress Factory
Come out to Talent and Friends Comedy Show and get your copies of Takerra Allen's novels

02/26/10Friday04:00 PM
Oxon Hill, MD
Cartel Cafe
Takerra Allen on tour for the book "Thicker Than Water" & "Heaven's Hell"

02/27/10Saturday01:00 PM
District Heights, MD
The Literary Joint
Takerra Allen on tour for the book "Thicker Than Water" & "Heaven's Hell"

03/06/10Saturday 2 PM
Newark, NJ
Source of Knowledge
867 Broad St, Newark, NJ 07102
Takerra Allen on tour for the book "Thicker Than Water" & "Heaven's Hell"

03/06/10Saturday06:30 PM
Newark, NJ
Team First Comedy Show- Get your tickets they are selling fast.
Takerra Allen on tour for the book "Thicker Than Water" & "Heaven's Hell"

03/20/10Saturday 02:00 PM
Atlantic City, NJ
Atlantic City Public Library
1 North Tennessee Avenue
Takerra Allen on tour for the book "Thicker Than Water" & "Heaven's Hell"


Do you have what it takes to be an Angel?!?! :-)


Heaven Inc. Angelic Script Publishing Heaven Inc Angel's Pink Diamond Angels

We're currently looking for @ 10 New Angels! If you want to be apart of an all female organization send me an email to heaveninc@live.com for more details.

Perks & Exposusre with little commitment, email us today!!!

:-) Dee-Dee


Saturday Jan 30, 2010 Takerra Goes to Delaware


Sandra "Dee-Dee" MobleyHeaven Inc/ Angelic Script PublishingCFO/ Publicist - Sales and MarketingFor signings, bookings, questions, or comments please email: heaveninc@live.comOrder Your Copy Today, visit http://hiue.blogspot.com/ and click on the Buy Now Button.Snippet of Takerra's Novels: http://takerra.blogspot.com/http://hiue.blogspot.com/


What's up familia!!!! I haven't posted on here in a while- I've been extremely busy between my 9-5, the family, and our company Angelic Script Publishing. Well I have some exciting news coming up- sorry I can't share now :-) But stay tuned... :-)

I feel like getting a little personal with the readers, so here it goes.

Takerra and I met a couple of years ago and instantly became friends, we just clicked. We had soo many things in common and it was like we were sisters from another mother. At that time we were promoting events in Central Jersey along with other members of Heaven Inc. Some events turned out great and a couple were just alright but we continued grinding and making money. Most members parted ways with Heaven Inc due to all different circumstances but we still kept it moving - no hard feelings. { pause }

...Now fast forward to this year and we are still branding our company name- Heaven Inc... Angelic Script Publishing... Takerra and I are like the dynamic duo - she's great at banging out those great reads & being a creative barbie :-) and I'm great at running the company and getting ourselves exposure. Now Takerra and I have lots of things planned for the future I just hope that you all stay on this ride with us and see where we are in a couple of years because this is just the beginning baby!!! :-)

ttyl... Dee-Dee

Sandra "Dee-Dee" MobleyHeaven Inc/ Angelic Script PublishingCFO/ Publicist - Sales and MarketingFor signings, bookings, questions, or comments please email: heaveninc@live.comOrder Your Copy Today, visit http://hiue.blogspot.com/ and click on the Buy Now Button.Snippet of Takerra's Novels: http://takerra.blogspot.com/http://hiue.blogspot.com/


Pre-Order Heaven's Hell

Angelic Script Publishing Presents..... Heaven's Hell....

You can now pre-order your copies of Heaven's Hell. It will be shipped to you on January 29, 2010. Please note that Heaven's Hell will NOT be available at bookstores or Amazon until March 2010. Pre-order.... Pre-order... Pre-order.

Heaven’s Hell is the gripping tale of the striking beauty Heaven Jacy, and the hell she endures in the cold cruel world, at her young, tender age. Suffering at the hands of abuse from her father and her older, controlling, boyfriend Khalil, Heaven yearns and dreams of the day of her escape. Her prayers are answered when she is introduced to Khalil’s boss, Street King turned Businessman, Gavin Lucas, known in every hood in Jersey, as the infamous G.
G becomes Heaven’s knight in shining armor, sweeping her off of her feet into a whirlwind of passion, exotic getaways, and designer labels. But can Heaven keep up, or will the lifestyle of the rich and shameless swallow her whole? Heaven’s Hell explores the worldof brutal life and fantasy, and leaves us all desperate to find out…
Do fairytales come true?

If you have comments/questions please contact Sandra "Dee-Dee" Mobley at heaveninc@live.com.

Thanks for stopping by and supporting us! Reading Is Sexy-Angelic Script Publishing!


What About Your Friends...By Leona Romich

What About Your Friends...By L. Romich "Book Nympho"
THICKER THAN WATER by Takerra Allen is a story about four best friends: Sasha, Tatum, Neli and Kim. All four hail from Brick City Newark, New Jersey. Sasha is single, 21 and sexy, with no kids and has her own apartment. Sasha is the type of girl that strives to look perfect under any circumstance. When she meets Chauncey, she falls for him hard. Unfortunately, Chauncey has a secret that threatens their relationship. So instead of talking with her, he just up and breaks things off with her, leaving her heartbroken and confused. Tatum is the girl that always has an eye for fashion. Tatum can put anything together and look fly wearing it. Unfortunately Tatum's only family consists of her brother, Chris, and his two little girls, whom Tatum seems to be raising. Her brother, Chris, is in the streets trying to make a name for himself, while Tatum is busy going to school trying to get an education. When Tatum meets the sexy Respect `aka' Ree, a notorious drug dealer, her loyalty will be tested. Penelope 'aka' Neli is the quiet one of the group. She is envious of another group member and is determined to be like her or have what she has at any cost. Neli will smile in her face but will plot behind her back. Unfortunately she is about to learn that if you do not have family the only one you can count on besides yourself is your friends. Kim is the wild child of the group. Kim has the attitude "if you got it flaunt it." She has only been in love one time and unfortunately, it was with someone older and off limits to her. Kim's philosophy is to "use men for what she can get out of them." Kim is the type of girl that will speak her mind and not sugar coat it. She could care less what you think of her. THICKER THAN WATER is an excellent debut. It is a tale of friendships, secrets, lies, envy, temptation and murder. Ms. Allen does a great job with character development and draws you into the story from the very first page. Only because of the minor editing issues did I knock off .5 stars. I sincerely look forward to reading more by this author. This book was provided to me courtesy of the author for review purposes.
Reviewed by Leona APOOO BookClub Final Rating: 4.5

Thanks Leona!! :-) We look forward to receiving more reviews from you for Takerra's future projects...
Dee-Dee heaveninc@live.com


2010 Schedule


January 9
Team First Comedy Show
Newark, NJ
7pm- 10pm

January 16
Horizon Books
Gallery Mall
Phil, PA

January 16
Black and Nobel
1411 W Erie Ave
Phila, PA

January 30
MeJah's Bookstore
401 Naamans Rd
Claymont, DE

February 4
Meet and Greet with author Takerra Allen
New Brunswick Free Public Library- Carl T. Valenti Community Room
New Brunswick, NJ
For more information, please contact Laura Szalaj at 732-745-5108, ext. 20 or lszalaj@lmxac.org

February 5
360 MLK Jr Blvd
Jersey City, NJ

February 6
Source of Knowledge
Broad St
Newark, NJ
12pm- 4pm

February 13
Novel Tees
East Orange, NJ

February 27
The Literary Joint
3325 Donnell Drive
Forestville, MD

March 20
Meet and Greet with author Takerra Allen
Atlantic City Free Public Library
Atlantic City, NJ

To Order Books, or to schedule Takerra at your next event, please contact:
Sandra 'Dee-Dee' Mobley heaveninc@live.com 732 889 6061

Help Spread the Word about Takerra Allen

First I'd like to thank everyone who's purchased Thicker Than Water either from us ( @ heaveninc@live.com ) or amazon or your local bookstores. Gracias!!!

Now being that this is Ms.Allen's debut novel- we NEED readers/supporters to spread the word.

I have mailed Amazon hundreds of books { ok about 120-130-lol } and yet there are only 11 reviews on there. If your purchase was from Amazon- please help spread the word and leave a review!!!

We also appreciate all of the emails as well but please spread the word on the internet.

Thanks so much in advance and Happy New Year!

Sandra 'Dee-Dee' Mobley
heaveninc@live.com :-)


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You get a Free Wrist Band- Hot Pink Wrist Bands that state ~ Reading Is Sexy~ with your Thicker Than Water Purchases!! Email me @ Heaveninc@live.com
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