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... I just came from looking at amazon sales rank for our two published books, and all I can say is wow....

.. Ok so not only wow, but thank you. Angelic Script Publishing launched in July 2009, BUT we really didn't start getting out there into the field until December 2009, where I started reaching out to bookstores and distributors. Regardless of what some may say, Takerra Allen is such a talented writer, she's a breath of fresh air in this game. She's not just a pretty face, she's mean with that pen. When you mix that, with a lil crazy boriqua/ morena who doesn't really like the word "no", you get what I've just looked at right now... Both of Takerra's novels are selling extremely well!!! It's competing number wise with some of these veteran author's and all I can say is thanks to the many folk who told me "yes" and for giving Takerra's work a chance. Once you read it, it's like crack... your hooked... :-)

Thanks to all of the supporters, readers, book vendors, and anyone who has purchased or spread the word of Ms.Allen's work. Gracias!! ( super cheesing )

signed... dee dee