THE MUCH ANTICIPATED SEQUEL TO THE STREET LIT HIT THICKER THAN WATER!!! Still Love... The much anticipated reunion of Jersey's favorite diva, Tatum, and the notorious and spellbinding outlaw, Respect. The answer to the question we were all left wondering, will it be? Still Lust... Sasha, Mike, and Chauncey? Desire rules in this menage a' trois of emotions, as Sasha struggles with a plight. The hustler that broke her heart or the good guy that's trying to mend it? Still Lies... There's no escaping them. Even with the revelations of Neli in TTW, there are still secrets lurking in the shadows, but aren't there always? Still Betrayal... From Jersey's gritty hoods, to the steamy streets of Atlanta, and even crossing waters to the tropics of Jamaica, the favorites of Thicker than Water, along with some newcomers, bring the drama to a pulsing head, building the anticipation to an explosion of heat onto the pages of this enthralling sequel. At last, what we all want to know...need to know...have to know. Is it, Still Thicker than Water? TTW FANS WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!

"Still Thicker Than Water by Takerra Allen was a fast-paced, rollercoaster of a ride, drama-filled novel. It was a very good read! ...Ms. Allen does an excellent job in keeping the reader engrossed from the very first page." - Leona - APOOO Bookclub

"Takerra's innate skills are extraordinary and superbly exemplified with the perfect execution of this novel." Tazzye2Bossy - Urban Reviews

"If you loved Thicker Than Water,surely you will be glued to the pages in Still Thicker Than Water." - nicole098 - Street Lit Clique

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